Lemon juice

Lemon juice VitaL

The Lemon juice Vital is made of natural lemon base or lemon concentrate with added citric acid, sugar, vitamin C and flavor.


12 х 8 ml.

200 ml.

260 ml.

300 ml.

510 ml.

1 l.


 type of packagingmaterialcapacitytransport packagingnumber in group packing
1blisterPP12 x 8mlcarton32 pieces
2bottleHDPE200 mlstack or carton24 pieces
3bottleHDPE260 mlstack or carton24 pieces
4bottleHDPE300 mlstack or carton12 pieces
5bottleHDPE510 mlstack or carton12 pieces
6bottleHDPE1000 mlcarton9 pieces