Taste and Quality of VitaL

Vital LTD

Vital Ltd. is a private Bulgarian company founded in 1995 is located in Southern Bulgaria southeast of Plovdiv. The production base is located in the industrial zone of Parvomay an area of 15 acres. Developed two activities: Manufacture of food products and Production of concrete and concrete products.

Vital Ltd. is one of the first food certified for ISO 22000:2005 in Bulgaria.

Years on the market

20 years Vital Ltd. manufactures high quality products for your table. Created a number of successful partnerships at home and abroad.


Quality Products

For the manifacturing of our products, we use only selected vegetables, spices and raw materials, which ensures their unique taste.

Acres production base

Vital Ltd. has its own production facilities, equipped with modern equipment, which guarantees 100% purity of the product.


4270, Parvomay,
30 Al.Stamboliyski str.


fax: 0336 / 6 – 31 – 07
tel.: 0336 / 6 – 31 – 08
mob.: 0887 / 609 – 986