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Vital’s lyutenitsa contains roasted peeled ground pepper, tomato puree, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, modified starch, citric acid, spices, peeled chopped tomatoes, roasted peeled eggplant.

There is hardly a person who does not like lyutenitsа. With its characteristic taste and scent of roasted peppers, it is a favourite of both the young and the old. There are many ways to eat this vegetable delicacy. Children love it on a slice of bread at any time – for breakfast, lunch or dinner. An excellent garnish for grilled food. It easily turns into irresistible sauces, and added to the bean soup thickener, it gives it a magical taste.


Roasted peeled pepper, roasted peeled eggplant and peeled sliced tomatoes, tomato and pepper puree, specially selected spices in different combinations and proportions create the tempting tastes we offer.

We create our products from fresh vegetables, without artificial colours, without GMOs, with a minimum of harmless preservatives. Their texture is different – from finely ground to coarse. We are one of the first in our country in the field food industry with an ISO 22000: 2005 certificate. This means constant high quality that you can trust.

Whether you choose “Lyutivka”, “Coarsely Ground”, “Original” or “Finely Ground”, the taste bouquet of our lyutenitsa will be appealing and enchanting.

We provide it in convenient glass packages, in packaging that suggest fast consumption and minimise the likelihood of wastage. The prices are among the best in the industry.